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ExtraMerit is a fast, easy and free online exam maker.

Use ExtraMerit to create online test for your students, disseminate test to students, automatically grade exams and view the test results online. Practice makes perfect, and ExtraMerit makes exam practice fun.

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Welcome To Extra Merit

Extra Merit Online testingWe helps students gain high confidence by taking varoius online test . Our online exams are build by expert & experienced faculty.

  • Unlimited exams and questions
  • Instant test results
  • Smart Mobile Compatible Exams
  • Social Network Integration(facebook, twitter)

Students can take exam anytime,anywhere with iPad, iPhone, Chromebook and Smart mobile devices. Get detailed report of every exam attempt with automatic grading. Our Detailed analysis of online test highlight strengths and weaknesses so that student can improve them in time.

Finally ExtraMerit made exams easy,effortless and flexible.

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